Pressed For Time…

I have heard this question from many brides… “what do I do with my bouquet after the wedding?” Well, i thought today would be a good day to talk about it. Preserving your bouquet now days is different than way back when it was in a glass dome. Oh you can still have that done, if that’s truly your thing. but if you live in the Portland area, Pressed for Time is a local preservation company that presses and dries your flowers into a beautiful work of art that you can hang on the wall – no glass dome! They offer many styles of frames, backgrounds and choices of how you’d like it laid out. The process takes about 4-5 months, so if it is something you’re planning on, make sure you have somebody to take care of it the next day after the wedding- the sooner the better for best preservation quality and color.

I had mine done (on the left) way back when it was truly hard to find somebody that pressed flowers, so the cost was high, but it’s the one thing that reminds me daily of that great day. I’ve since made a few for some of my clients (middle and right) and it’s been a joy to see the end result, but it’s definitely something to leave to an expert. It may seem like an extravagant expense, but if you incorporate it into your wedding budget from the start, you won’t be disappointed you did.

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